A New Definition of Perfect Match

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   In ancient times, the powerful and powerful paid attention to the right match, and the nobles had to match Darling Daughter.. In modern times, I believe everyone can blurt out the principle of pairing in the past few decades-handsome men match beautiful women.. However, with the development of the times and the changes of the society, there is a new definition of pairing..

   Walking on the street and seeing a couple who are in love with each other, it is really not a simple thing to come up with a reason why they choose each other and to make the public be sincerely convinced.. When you say handsome men and beautiful women match, you will see that the boyfriends whom beautiful women look for are also short and poor, and the handsome men are not necessarily looking for Bai Fumei.. So, can it be said that the new definition of modern friendship is to look pleasing to the eye?? Of course, in this way, this series of phenomena can be well explained.. Now some girls are brothers and sisters. Try to think about it. Why don't confident and beautiful girls like energetic and handsome boys, but they have feelings for uncle, because they look pleasing to the eye.

   People's psychology gradually changes with the development of the times. We slowly like to rely on feelings.. Singing by feeling, even if out of tune, even if singing the wrong lyrics, I feel great. Writing things by feeling, even if the sentence cohesion is not so natural, even not writing, but my heart is comfortable; Choose your partner by feeling, even if that person is not necessarily the best, even if he still has a lot of shortcomings, but he is very happy.. Only this kind of life is a real life, only this kind of life is not so tired..

   The word "perfect match" is not by no means defined by others. only you know who is your perfect match in your heart. don't let some external factors interfere with your definition of perfect 宏海国际平台 match and choose your other half according to your feelings. then that person must be your favorite person.. Don't talk about Excuse Me For Living, let alone the feeling of being unreliable. Ask yourself whether your reason has deviated from the channel or whether you feel that this kind of thing is already available to you .





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